PSP破解复苏 jas0nuk发布PRXdecrypter 2.25

October 02, 2009 | 3 Minute Read

Arthur在上一篇文章中说到过jas0nuk已经回归the scene(PSP破解界),而今天早些时候他就如约发布了PRXdecrypter的新版本2.25。可以说这次的版本功能和Yoshihiro的Game Decrypter是一样的,用以解密eboot.bin,只是包含了所有的Eboot.bin的密匙,即你可以解密目前为止所有的eboot.bin了。务须多说,这里是官方说明。

Contains all the 6.00/6.10 EBOOT.BIN keys, just like those in Yoshihiro’s decrypter.

There is another odd one not present in either decrypter: 0xD91612F0 (if you get an error message with this code, post here! I need to work out where this tag is being used.)

To anyone on PSPGEN who accused Yoshihiro of copying/stealing my work: this is complete nonsense.

You should be able to decrypt any of the below EBOOT.BINs (except the last one) even on 5.00 M33 and below, as long as PRXdecrypter runs.

General EBOOT.BIN keytags info

The classics:

Tag 0x08000000 - 1.xx EBOOT.BIN

Tag 0xC0CB167C - 2.xx EBOOT.BIN

Unknown if these were ever used, but I found them ages ago - Sony were planning new EBOOT keys for a long time:

Tag 0x8004FD03 - 2.71 EBOOT.BIN

Tag 0xD91605F0 - 2.8X EBOOT.BIN

Tag 0xD91606F0 - 3.0X EBOOT.BIN

Tag 0xD91607F0 - ???

Tag 0xD91608F0 - 3.1X EBOOT.BIN

These are now being used:

Tag 0xD91609F0 - 5.00 EBOOT.BIN

Tag 0xD9160AF0 - 5.50 EBOOT.BIN

Tag 0xD9160BF0 - 5.55 EBOOT.BIN

Tag 0xD9160CF0 - 6.00 EBOOT.BIN (which game(s) use this?)

Tag 0xD91611F0 - 6.00 EBOOT.BIN (which game(s) use this?)

Tag 0xD91612F0 - 6.00 EBOOT.BIN (GTN USA - PSN edition, any others?) not decrypted!


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