PSP3000破解进一步 ChickHEN发布

May 06, 2009 | 7 Minute Read

PSP3000的破解比想象的慢了很多很多,甚至让我也觉得希望渺茫,另外,因为体验到了PSN([email protected]的简称),让我觉得能作为正版用户也是非常不错的。不过因为怂恿了家人买3000,并且当时认为一定能被破解,所以也一直关注破解的进程。

虽然之前的各种溢出漏洞都没有真正能被利用,Gridshift的漏洞也只是简单的运行一些小程序段步伐进入kernel mode而已,不过在出现TIFF漏洞之后似乎看到了曙光。当年PSP1000破解工作就是在2.70时代的TIFF漏洞中找到了契机,而最终演变成了如今这繁荣昌盛的D版市场。

经过几次的延期,第一个HEN系统ChickHEN Homebrew Enabler终于还是出现了。能提供一个可以运行Homebrew的环境。Alek也在Sceners.org上写了相关的文章《ChickHEN Eggsploited!

下载请至:Davee’s DevSite

5.03 ChickHEN Homebrew Enabler - Team Typhoon (Article by Granite) So comes the release of the highly anticipated ChickHEN homebrew enabler by Team Typhoon. After 1800 Lines of code, 4 weeks of stressful developing and countless amounts of tests the dawn of a new homebrew era for all the 3000, 2000 and 1000 users is on the horizon. What was said to be impossible by many is now a reality, all styles homebrew are now running on the “unhackable” T88v3 and TA-090 motherboards rolled out by Sony.

What does the ChickHEN do?

ChickHEN as a Homebrew Enabler that allows the execution of homebrew via the PSP XMB. Running via a vulnerability in the lib TIFF the launcher takes advantage of the system by performing a kernel exploit and rebooting into a homebrew enabled enviroment. The ChickHEN remains active until the PSP is fully reset in which case official firmware loads from the flash. ChickHEN unlike other HEN’s doesn’t touch the flash0 and resides completely in memory. The h.bin supplied in this download consists of a loader and systemex, which is a inversed order of systemctrl and rebootex

What ChickHEN does NOT do?

-Run ISO, CSO or any other form of UMD backup.

-Run PSX Games

-Touch The Flash of your beloved PSP

-Magically allow the use of Custom Firmware

-Load plugins

How do i get the HEN to run on my PSP?

  1. First off use the supplied TIFF image and place it in the PSP>PHOTO Directory.

  2. Copy h.bin over to the MS ROOT and safely remove device.

  3. Scroll over to the PHOTO icon on the XMB and click the ChickHEN folder and wait. (This will not work the first time, you may have to just use a method of loading that works for you but this is what we have found most efficient)

  4. If all goes well the screen should blank out and flash green showing that the HEN is loaded and all is well.

  5. Wait for your PSP to reboot and check your PSP’s system software. It should now display: “5.03 ChickHEN”.

  6. Scroll on over to GAME and enjoy some Homebrew!


This software should not be used in conjunction with software which can enable the usage or disable the protections of copyrighted content. We will not be held responsible for any damage to your PSP system. This software comes with no warrenty.


Team Typhoon: ChickHEN

MaTiAz: TIFF Eggsploit ;)

Lawrence Jackson (LCJ14) - PSP 3000

MforMature staff: For everything

Everyone else who gave help during the development

SHA-1 of h.bin: 39339DF6D67DA88BDFF78261222AAADAEBCD9203